Parish Lottery Payment

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We are very grateful for the people who organise our Parish Lottery and have kept it operating during the past three months.  We are at the stage now of asking people to pay for their new six-month subscription which many of you already do through Standing Orders.  For anybody who pays by cash, if you are able to, please can you place it in an envelope with full written details – stating Parish Lottery, your name and Lottery number (if you know what it is). If you do not know your number then please give your address as it makes researching it easier on our records. 

There is not hurry or stress about this so if you are not sure about leaving your homes yet, please DO NOT WORRY.  When somebody has not been able to pay their cash subscription but win a lottery prize, the subscription would be deducted from the prize money.

Thank you always for your support. It is a great financial help to our parish and helps boosts the spirits at this time.

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