Gift Aid Scheme

By signing a Gift Aid Declaration form and becoming part of the Gift Aid scheme, you can ensure that St Francis Parish receives a substantial refund from HMRC (His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). There is no upper or lower limit to your donation and you do not need to give a fixed amount or at a fixed frequency.

For every pound you give, St Francis Parish will receive an additional 25 pence from the HMRC. The Parish is very grateful to all parishioners who are members of the Parish Gift Aid scheme as it really makes a difference. For tax year 2022-2023 a claim in excess of £16000 will be made to the Government reclaiming the tax paid on the Gift Aided contributions.

To be part of the scheme:

  • You must complete a Gift Aid Declaration form
  • The contributions you make must be identified as being from you. This is achieved either by paying via standing/bankers order or by placing cash in the collections using the uniquely numbered Gift Aid envelopes provided to you by the parish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much tax must I pay?

Provided that you are a UK Taxpayer and that you pay an amount of income tax at least equal to the amount of any refund reclaimed by the Archdiocese, or any other charity you donate to within a tax year, you can be part of the scheme.

 Will it cost me more to be part of the scheme?

It will cost you nothing extra. You are not being asked to give more money yourself, but to sign a declaration so that the parish can reclaim the tax already paid on your donation.  

 What do I need to do to join Gift Aid scheme?

Take a Gift Aid Declaration form from the church porch, download a form you can print at home here or better still click the link below to complete the form online (no printer needed!). Setup a standing order with your bank if appropriate. If you are giving by cash, after submitting your form and once some administration tasks have been completed, a supply of numbered envelopes will be provided. Please make sure you sign and date the form to make it valid. Return the form to the parish email address: or through the letter box of the presbytery.

If you require further information about the Gift Aid scheme, please contact the Parish Gift Aid Coordinator, Margaret Emerson via the parish email: