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It is wonderful to see more and more people coming back to Mass.  There were 317 in total last weekend.  You will notice that much work has been done to allow the seating to be appropriately spaced.  Our thanks to the Stewards and Sanitizers who maintain that! 

We realise too that certain times of Masses are going to be more popular than others as is always the case – Sunday 10am and 11.30am usually being the most popular –  but please remember that we are limited with the seating that we can provide.  The Masses of 6pm and 8.30am still usually have plenty of seating left so if you feel happier going to a Mass with less crowd then these would be the choice we would advise. 

As mentioned before, since there is no obligation to attend on Sundays, you may feel happier attending a weekday 10.30am Mass – always lots of available space then.  There can be different reasons why people choose a particular Mass other than a convenient time but those reasons are redundant now – every Mass is the same with no music, usually lasting around 30 minutes.  We do not wish to tell people which Mass to come to or deter them from their first choice but as more and more people come back – and praise God for it – we may need to kindly ask that people spread themselves evenly over the weekend or week a bit more.  We thank you for your help.

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