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The journey of Holy Week and the celebration of Easter is the most important time of our year and so much time, work and generosity is given by a number of people to allow our parish to experience the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ in so many ways by making our Church look appropriate for the season and allowing our ceremonies to run joyfully and prayerfully.  It is to them we wish to express a deep amount of gratitude. 

Thank you to all who prepared the church through maintenance and cleaning, arranging for the Paschal Candle to be delivered and ready along with all other items that we need for the week.  For the decorating of the church with our flowers, banners and display.  The Church looks beautiful.

For all who give their time with the various ministries: our readers: our ushers which became so necessary because of our larger congregation which was wonderful to see; our altar servers who come in good number and carry out their duties so smoothly and reverently.

For the music which will always be a vital part of how we Thank God for all His Son, Jesus Christ has done for us.  So much happens before our eyes but so much takes place behind the scenes with preparation and rehearsals all for the glory of God and for the benefit of our parish.  To the previously mentioned, Thank You. 

For everybody’s participation, attendance and prayers we thank you greatly.  May the blessing of the Risen Lord fall upon us all this Easter Season.


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