DAY FOR LIFE 18th June 2023

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This year, the Day for Life will seek to highlight the trauma caused by abortion, with the theme “Listen to Her”. The message is an invitation to listen to the voice and story of a young Catholic woman who, after suffering the trauma of an abortion, found healing. 

The number of abortions in the British Isles is ever-increasing, and with the introduction and impact of ‘telemedicine’ following the COVID 19 pandemic, many stories of post-abortive trauma have come to the fore: via Rachel’s Vineyard, (based in Birmingham), ARCH (based in Scotland), and Gianna Care (based in Ireland). Unfortunately, these are stories which are not covered by the mainstream media, and the suffering goes unnoticed, even to the point of being actively concealed. 

The Holy Father’s own words in 2016 underline the gravity of abortion, but remind us, too, that nothing is beyond the mercy of God. Many in our society, but especially women, are affected by abortion and we want people to know they can find a welcome in the heart of the Church through the promise of hope and healing which is found in the Lord Jesus.

We are encouraged  to pray, to engage in formation about the protection of life in the womb, and campaign for improvements in legislation which will better protect the unborn and women.  A Novena of Prayer will be available on the CBCEW website which will lead up to the Day for Life. All resources, including the full message, may be accessed here:   This Sunday, there is a mandatory collection. The funds raised will support life projects across the whole spectrum of life.

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