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We are very grateful for your generosity of your Church offering that many have you given to us over the past few weeks.  We did not want anybody to make any special journey to the priest house just to drop off an offering for the Church during the period of lockdown – but now we are moving quite freely, many people have very kindly given what they can and even saved up from the weeks before.  This has been a tremendous help, so may we remind anybody else if they were thinking to give to the church what they may have missed during lockdown, then place it in the collection bowl that is available after Mass, even weekday. If it is more convenient for you, you can place it through the letterbox on the priest house door.

The ideal form of giving to the church, especially during these times, is by Standing Order.  So many parishioners have placed themselves on this system and it has proved to be very helpful.  If you wish to make a Standing Order (regular payments automatically from your bank account to the Church account), then please do not hesitate to contact the parish office.

We have entered the time of year when new Gift Aid envelopes are usually available for people to collect, but of course arranging them has not been possible – and many people would not be able to collect them from the church.  You can, however, place your church offering in any envelope you have at home and write your Gift Aid number down on the envelope.  As long as we have a record of your number and the amount you offered then we can still claim it back.

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