Volunteers needed for church re-opening

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Dear parishioners of St. Francis. It was mentioned in the pastoral letter we received from Archbishop John Wilson that churches are now allowed to be open for private, individual prayer only.  This is only permissible, of course, if the church can demonstrate that it is applying to hygiene and distancing requirements.

We are hoping to make our church open for individual prayer as soon as these standards have been met.

What we also need to provide is for at least two volunteers every time the church is open acting as stewards to supervise the attendance of the church. They are to make sure hygiene is exercised properly, people know where to go when they enter, where they need to exit and to help with cleaning the praying areas afterwards.

Our plan is to open the Church 12pm – 2pm for as many days as we can.  This can only happen through the generosity of people giving their time and service to the Church in this way. 

Our volunteers must be aged between 18 – 70 years and not from the Covid-19 vulnerable group.

Please remember that this service is crucial for us since without your help and supervision, we cannot open the church.

If you are willing to help in this way then please contact us via email telling us especially the days you are able to help and we shall give you more details.

We appreciate always the service you give to our parish.  We hope to be able to see many of you again in our church soon.

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