Update: Receiving Communion at Mass

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As from Monday 21st September, Holy Communion will be distributed at the traditional time during Mass (after the Lamb of God and the priest receiving Communion himself) for the weekday morning Masses only, including Saturday 10am Mass. 

So when you receive Holy Communion at these Masses you return back to your seats for a moment of personal prayer as before.  Mass concludes in the usual way and we ask that you depart from church immediately in a sensible socially distanced manner. We are hoping that you will not need the assistance of ushering with this.

For the Sunday Mass (which includes Saturday 6pm Mass) we shall carry on with Communion at the end of Mass as you depart as we have been doing since July.

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  1. Fantastic new format to newsletter. Clear, concise and informative. Even find myself looking forward to it – and thinking about some of the issues raised. Thank you

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