Rosary Sunday

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The first Sunday of October is remembered as Rosary Sunday. Catholics around the world are encouraged to pray with one voice the Rosary this day, even just one decade (One Our Father, Ten Hail Marys and One Glory Be).

Praying the Rosary is a very popular form of prayer and devotion and I am sure many Catholics are in possession of one but not sure how to use it. May we encourage today, or at least one day this month of October to try by yourselves, or as a family, to pray the whole or part of the Rosary. Let us all call upon Our Blessed Mother to pray for us to her Son Jesus Christ to bless and protect us all at this time.

Here is a link that gives a little teaching of the Rosary which may be useful but there are plenty of things to find online that would be of help. If you haven’t done this before, give it a try!

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