Resumption of Public Mass
& Confessions

We rejoice that public worship has now resumed here at St. Francis’ Church.
Some Mass times have been changed and there are strict conditions in place to keep us all safe. 

It is important to reaffirm that, at present, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended,
so if you are able to come to a Mass on a weekday instead, please do so.


The church doors will be opened 15 minutes before Mass begins and will be closed as Mass begins. This is because we need to limit the time as much as we can for people to congregate in the Church and we need to restrict movement during Mass. Also, please note that the toilets will not be available.

Due to the need for social distancing, numbers are limited in the church and are on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. Please follow the guidance of the stewards.

On arrival at church you will be greeted by a steward, asked to sanitise your hands, put on your face covering/mask, deposit your ‘Test & Trace‘ card in the container, drop off your offering to the church in the bowls and then shown to a seat in the church.

Mass will be shorter than usual and there are some changes too:

  • There will be no offertory procession, collection or sign of peace at Mass.
  • There will be no singing at Mass until further notice. There will only be homilies on Sundays and Solemnities and these will be kept brief.
  • At ALL Masses, Communion will now be distributed at the traditional time during Mass (after the Lamb of God and the priest receiving Communion himself), in one kind only, and will only be distributed on the hand and standing. When you receive Holy Communion at Mass you return back to your seats for a moment of personal prayer as before.  Mass concludes in the usual way and we ask that you depart from church immediately in a sensible socially distanced manner. We are hoping that you will not need the assistance of ushering with this.
  • Please follow the directions of the stewards as you come up the centre aisle to receive Holy Communion or a blessing. The priest will simply hold up the host and place it on your outstretched hand without saying anything. Then please step to the left, lower your mask and consume the host and leave the church immediately through the Children’s Chapel where you can sanitise your hands


When you enter church for Mass we ask that you register your details for Test & Trace purposes either by using your smartphone to book in via the QR code displayed on the church doors or by completing a Test & Trace card.  This is asked of anybody attending a gathering of people for a certain amount of time.  This is so that if a person who has attended Mass proves to be COVID positive, then the NHS can contact all who were present at the same Mass to isolate and go for a COVID test themsleves.  Therefore, you need to supply details of your name, preferred contact details and date and time of Mass attended. The cards will be kept in a secure location and then destroyed after 21 days.

Click the button to download a printable sheet of four cards to a sheet, which you can fill in and bring along to Mass with you. Alternatively just provide your details on any card or envelope yourselves or there are spare cards available as you leave the church.


Confessions are now available in the Children’s Chapel every Saturday 10.45am to 11.30am.

As the priest has to sanitise the area before anybody enters, you are asked to please wait until the priest opens the door before you can enter.


Volunteers Still Needed!

Stewards & Readers

Our deepest gratitude
to all who have volunteered as stewards to allow our public Mass to take place. There are still gaps that need to be filled on various days, so please let us know if you can give some time to help steward, guide and sanitise then we would be most thankful. We ask that Stewards are to be aged between 18-70 and not part of a high risk category and also able to commit to the same Mass every week (realising of course there may be breaks for holidays etc..) Once you have contacted us we will send you further details. Please use the contact form and let us know which Mass time you can help at. 

READERS: Please can we have volunteers to be readers at every Mass so we can draw up a rota for the weekends and weekday.  We ask for people to contact us using the contact form if you are willing to read at Mass and let us know which day and time. Thank you!

Volunteer - Contact Form

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