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We are delighted to announce that our Repository will now be open every Sunday from 10.30am – 11.30am. We now accept Contactless payment cards as well as cash!

We have a good selection of Missals, Bibles, Rosaries, Candles, Spriritual books and so much more. We can also order items that we don’t stock, just ask.

Thank you to all who look after and arrange the Repository for us.

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  1. Hi,
    -it’s Sandy;came last Sun-just looking at a blue rosary bead.
    -RCIA enquiry from 2021-to be completed still due too serious illness.
    -and Drs notes there-of.
    -age 50.
    Now this snow-it’s black ice here-so then thought it would thaw from Mon.
    -near too fall just yesterday-cards!

    Anyway it’s not fair too keep it-so now it’s busy at Christmas/New Year.
    So will be back soon-and if any beads-rosary maybe not even that one is there.
    -will keep trying!

    Thank-You So Much.

    Sandy (born in London-Birmingham Univ.)-Matron 20/30 yrs.

    1. Hi Sandy. Thanks for your comment. We will keep the rosary to one side in case you manage to get in some time. No hurry!

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