Mass Intentions

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At the beginning of our lockdown we gave people the opportunity to make Mass Intentions without giving an offering yet.  We did not feel that a trip to the priest house would be deemed as essential travel, so bookings were made with the promise to pay at a later stage. 

As lockdown has eased and mobility easier, we would gladly welcome anybody to give their donations for the Mass intentions they requested but have not been able to do it yet. There is no fuss, hurry or deadline but just a reminder that we are able to carry this out now. 

We have kept a record of everybody who had requested an intention, so if you cannot remember the details then please contact us and we will gladly remind you.  If you could post an envelope through the letterbox of the priest house with details of your name, intention and date the Mass was/will be celebrated we would be most grateful. We stress again, there is no hurry and if you are not leaving your homes yet, DO NOT WORRY.

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