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Fr. Liam has been appointed the new Episcopal Vicar for Marriage and Family Life for the Diocese of Southwark. What does that mean?  First of all it does not mean that Fr. Liam is moving on – he’s staying put at St. Francis.  In our Diocese of Southwark we have the ‘Marriage and Family Life Team’, a group of people who run various courses and events that are for the supporting and encouragement of Marriage and Families.  As well as providing courses for engaged couples in preparation for marriage, we organise an Anniversary Mass at the Cathedral every year, provide talks for married couples (Building a Better Marriage), support people in times of bereavement (Grief in Loss, Hope in Christ) and much more. The link to the website of the Married and Family Life group can be found here.

As Episcopal Vicar, Fr. Liam has been appointed by Archbishop John Wilson to ‘represent’ him with the responsibility of making sure the people of the diocese are served as best we can in helping bring Christ central in their married lives and family relationships. Fr. Liam takes over from Fr. Graham Preston who has done an excellent job for twenty years.  Thankfully, the Marriage and Family Life group have been established in our diocese for a number of years and consist of an excellent team of committed people – committed in their faith in God and committed in their service of his people.  Please pray for Fr. Liam and the whole Marriage and Family Life team that the Lord will continue to bless the work they do

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