Hospital Prayer Packs

As you will remember a couple of years ago we launched our parish Hospital Prayer Packs scheme. Through the scheme parishioners can purchase prayer packs, which are then donated to the Chaplaincy at Maidstone Hospital. Each pack contains a small prayer book, a prayer card from the parish and a rosary. The packs are given to patients who find themselves, often unexpectedly, in hospital, but with none of their usual aids to prayer available to them. The packs have proved to be of great aid and comfort to many, especially in these days of restricted visiting. Often for many this is also a way of reconnecting with their faith, especially in a time of need and distress.

Our stocks of Hospital Prayer Packs are starting to run low and if you could help, packs can be purchased via the church repository at the cost of £5 per pack. If you can afford to donate a pack to the chaplaincy we would be very grateful for your assistance. 

Thank you for your continued support

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