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Dear Gift Aiders, The past two years have not been good for the parish finances due to Covid -19. However I would like to sincerely thank you all for your continued support, especially those of you that have increased your donations. Our receipts are still down by approximately 26% over the last 6 years. This I put down to the fact that a number of donors have either passed on, been unable to attend Mass or have decided to either watch Mass on You-Tube or decided to attend mass at another location. 

Regardless of the reasons, a 26% decrease is a substantial amount and I wish to encourage those parishioners who do not belong to the scheme to please if you can, donate by this method, better still pay by bankers order. Remember, you can always cancel this order at any time should your circumstances change. You will need to fill in a Gift aid form, plus a bankers order (should you wish).

For the coming year the scheme will start in April and not June as it has in the past. I need to alter the Gift aid Envelope numbers for some individuals so as to be able to cut down on the number of participants who no longer donate through the scheme. Please, if you have not donated over the past year and are now willing to rejoin the scheme, let me know via the parish office, as I am in the process of updating my records prior to the issue of new Envelopes in March 2022. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. We are very grateful to all who are part of the scheme and to all who organises it for our parish.

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