Feed the hungry – Update

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Our regular donations are still required and appreciated by families and the food bank. Donations of tinned food, toilet rolls, washing capsules, crisps, cereals etc may be left at the presbytery for collection several times each week. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY CLOTHES, SHOES OR HOUSEHOLD UTENSILS as there is nowhere to store them at the moment and the main focus is on food.

No donations can be dealt with on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day as the priests need a break.

Thank you for your help and understanding.

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  1. Hello,

    We have quite a lot of food to donate including tinned food, pasta, loo rolls and sanitary products. How would we go about donating them to the church for the food bank?

  2. Hello Sharon. Many thanks for your comment. I will pass on your details to the person who coordinates the Feed the Hungry programme. Thanks so much for your donations.

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