Feed The Five Thousand

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Any of our children, youngsters and parents feeling fit and strong?  Want some exercise while helping the community? . We would like you to walk one mile each (about 2000 steps or 20 minutes walking on the spot).

To hit your mile, you can hike around your home or your garden, but please be safe. We’ll turn your miles into food by donating a can of food to our food bank for every mile to try and hit 5,000.

Please take a screenshot or a picture of your miles on a smartphone or other, or just tell us the total if this is not possible, and email us on: youth@stfrancisparish.org.uk with your name, number of miles (all family can take part) and your email address.


This week’s update (26th June) – Many thanks to those who have submitted their miles this week, which totalled 798. This gives a running total of 3,898 miles towards our target of 5,000 miles. The latest pictures show the next 1,000 cans/items taken to the food bank last week and the other donations which were distributed to the needy of our parish. Please keep walking/running, safely, and send in your miles to enable us to take another 1,000 cans next week!! Every little helps! Many thanks.

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