easter blessings

Easter Blessings & Thanks!

Once again we have celebrated the most precious part of our year with much solemnity, joy and love.  Journeying with one another through Holy Week as we remember the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ can only be fully experienced if everyone plays their part with serving in so many ways – and that is what we did. 

For all who gave their ministry so generously with preparing the church with cleaning, maintenance and decorating we all owe you much gratitude. Doesn’t the Church look terrific?  

For all who ministered during our Holy Week Services with welcoming, ushering, and reading – a great thank you. 

Fittingly on Abba’s 50th Anniversary of their victory at the Eurovision Song Contest we say ‘Thank you for the music’.  The music takes so much preparation and rehearsing and it all brings a fitting atmosphere to each stage of our journey during Holy Week with the Solemnity of Thursday Night to the explosive joy of Sunday. 

To our excellent altar servers who carry out their duties with great reverence enabling the worship to flow – St. Francis is blessed to have you.

We were delighted to welcome Bishop Paul Hendricks to celebrate our Maundy Thursday Mass this year and he was quite struck by the full church – not something you see in many other places on this particular night.  To see such large attendance is also deeply heartening and very encouraging.  Not just once this past week have we heard people say to us, ‘Your church must have been busy. They were standing outside on the Church steps.’   The church was full and it’s a wonderful problem to have.  Let that problem continue. 

The Risen Lord greets and welcomes us all – and we thank everyone who attended for their faith and prayers. Let this witness continue and let us always be a reason for people to stop and wonder what draws a such a large crowd every Sunday. 

Canon Liam

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