COVID Restrictions Update – February ’21

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Most Restrictions have already been eased in regards attending church and various liturgies.  We have had to hold on to just a few more until recently when new guidelines had come our way from the Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales. They include:

HOLY WATER:  We have now brought back holy water in the stoups in the porch which everybody is welcome to use.  Hand sanitising will continue to be available in the porch but please don’t get the two mixed up.  The holy water stoup will be regularly emptied and cleaned (at least once every week) to ensure the best of efforts to keep everything hygienic.

SIGN OF PEACE: Ever since we have returned to public Mass we have not been allowed to offer the sign of peace with the traditional format of a handshake.  However many people have been turning to one another at this particular moment and offering a sign of peace in the form of a bow.  The sign of peace has now been officially allowed back into Mass but when the priest or deacon announces, ‘Let us offer one another the sign of peace’ please do not offer a handshake – we invite everybody to turn and bow to one another.

FACE COVERINGS: Although there is no strict ruling that we must wear face coverings for large indoor gatherings, we are appreciative that a vast majority of people continue to do so especially at the Sunday Masses as it is suggested that we do so.

READINGS: Hand sanitising when coming up to read is no longer necessary.

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