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We were delighted to celebrate our First Holy Communion Mass for our many children last weekend. It was supposed to take place last year but of course it hasn’t been able to take place before now because of the large number. We were unable to advertise the times of Masses as we could not make it a public event – only household families were invited. It has been a long journey for them but we now pray that their First Communion will be the first of many as they can come and receive from the table of the Lord.

Congratulations to Summer, Francis, Eirwen, Carys, Fabien, Michelle, Brandon, Archie, Brendan, Harry, Maya, Michael, Millie, Serena, Molly, Ludovica, Iris, Floyd, Ethan, Oliver, Freya, Krystian, Alexander, Alan, Angela, Carlos, Oscar, Isabella, Alvin, Jacob, Eliza, Natalia, Skye, Ryan, Marco, Antonio, Tobe, Julian, Annalise, Sharon, Julia, Emil, Alphonse, Chiara, Emilia, Deimante, Benjamin, Oskar, Olivia, Hubert, Michal, Nikol.

We also offer a great amount of gratitude for our Catechists who always give so generously in helping them prepare the children for this precious day. Thank you to all who gave us the beautiful flower display and the choir who recorded their voices to provide us with a musical life for the Masses.

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