Christmas is coming…

It looks like that things are not going to change come Christmas regarding the need to distance and face cover when coming to Mass, This will have quite an impact on how we provide the opportunity to come to Mass at such a popular time. What we are contemplating is to provide a number of Masses for Christmas with the following being the times we are considering.

CHRISTMAS EVE: 6.00pm; 8.00pm; 10.00pm; 12am Midnight;
CHRISTMAS DAY: 8.30am; 10.00am; 11.30am.

It would be helpful, therefore, If you would respond by letting us know what time Mass you would be likely to choose and come to. Just send an email to the parish office or drop something through the door. Please note that you are not booking a place – we are not adopting a booking system! It will still be first come first served, so when giving your preference you don’t even need to give your (actual) name – but maybe how many people you are speaking for.

It may be also worth everybody knowing that just like now there will be no congregational singing – so we cannot participate in the Classic Carols together. There will also be no Polish Christmas Mass. We thank you for your help.

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