‘Building a Better Marriage’ – July 2022

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Dear husband and wife!  We’re offering you an opportunity to attend an online ‘Building a Better Marriage’ from 9am – 1pm on Saturday JULY 16th 2022.  

The course offered means that you can attend from your own living room and there is no group sharing! Recent Building a Better Marriage courses received the following comments from married couples who logged on …  

‘The topics were chosen well and we could really relate to them. The personal stories you shared were very insightful and helped us to reflect on our own relationships more deeply… It was relaxed and you put us at ease, being friendly and personable…’   

We thoroughly enjoyed attending the course and have certainly been practicing a few of the things we learnt already. It puts a smile on our faces when we do because we know that we are certainly richer from participating in the course.’  

For further information contact: Carole – Tel: 07983524727 – email: mflkent@rcaos.org.uk


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