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As we arrive into a new year of the Church with the Season of Advent, we are hoping to reintroduce certain ministries and resources that have been missing for the past 18 months. Therefore, we are looking to bring back:

Hymn Books; Newsletters – we would appreciate if you could still download your own at home; Mass Sheets; Collection – we wish to take away the bowls at the back of the Church and start to use the Collection bags again. Please can we ask for people who would be willing to volunteer and coordinate this for each Mass, ideally having four collectors for each Mass; Offertory – we are looking to bring back an offertory procession of bread, wine and water being brought up to the altar from the back of the Church at the usual time of Mass. It would be helpful to have a regular coordinator to organise this at each Mass; Altar Servers – we now gladly welcome back any of our altar servers to come back at whatever Mass they attend. We will wait until the new year before we start looking to recruit and train new servers; Readers – We need more volunteers to read.

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