Please continue to send in your very generous donations of milk, bread and cereal - our parish keeps the Day Centre supplied with these items and surplus donations are gratefully received by Trinity Project for young people. In addition, families in the parish are supported and the current particular need is for tinned meat, tuna, soup and crisps for pack-ups. Bags will be available at the back of the church this weekend for donations of more luxurious items such as chocolates, eggs & Easter luxuries. These will be given to families and the homeless at Easter. Please return your bags either next weekend or the weekend of 24th/25th. Your help is much appreciated.



A very important ministry we have within the life of the Church is visiting the sick.  We can see how throughout the Gospel Jesus tended to and cured so many who were sick and we as the church now continue to be his hands and heart in the world and serve all who need it.  One area where we of course see so much need of care is our local hospital on hermitage lane and there is a chaplaincy team who regularly visit the various wards and we are indeed very grateful to the members of our parish who give their time generously in this way.  However we do sometime come across Catholics, maybe even of our parish, yet we are not aware they are in hospital until we came across them.  If you are aware of a Catholic who is going to be in hospital for treatment or has been taken in then please do let the priests here know.  If you know somebody who has gone to a hospital that is not in Maidstone then we would only be too happy to contact the chaplain there just to make sure they were aware that a Catholic is in their local area.  Please do not say to yourself, ‘Oh I don’t want to bother Father.’  Being called to attend the sick is something every priest is called to do as it continues that loving service Christ gave to so many sick.




Our next meeting shall be on Tuesday 20th March 7.30pm

RCIA 2018


The candidates of our R.C.I.A. group who are preparing for Baptism this coming Easter will receive their Third Scrutiny during the 10.45am Mass this Sunday, 18th March. There are three other Candidates who will also be received into full communion with the Catholic Church with Confirmation.


If you, or anyone you know, would like to learn more about the Catholic Church, please come along. For further information, contact the Parish office or Sheila Connolly on 01622 729211.

Click here or the banner above for more information!


The 6pm choir would love to hear from confident musicians to play and sometimes help lead the music when our other core members aren’t available. Singers are also welcome! Joining us will not involve you in rehearsals or an “every Sunday” commitment – we are an informal group who love to contribute music to the mass, and recognise that members may not always be able to attend the same Mass each week. Do come and chat with us after Mass if you are interested.



This will take place at St George’s Cathedral 16th June 2018. If you are celebrating your 1st /10th/ 25th/ 40th/ 50th/ 60th +wedding anniversary this year, please put this date in your diary.



Dear Parishioners, on behalf of Mother Teresa’s Roses I wish to thank you all for your support and generosity. I took just over £3000 – which I had raised through the parishes of St Francis, Maidstone & St Margaret, Barming. Sr. Litya, the Mother Superior, was overwhelmed with the amount raised, and immediately thanked the Lord as the foundations for the ablution block had sunk and needed rectifying. I was in Goa for the anniversary of Sr. Christobel’s  demise and it was a beautiful ceremony with all the children praying for her. P.S. Met up with Fr. Perpetual who said Mass for us and sends his best wishes. Fr. Alphonse sadly was unwell on the day.”

maidstone catenian trip to kerala




The next Quiz will be held on Saturday 14th April at 7.30pm at the United Reformed Church Hall in Week Street. Entry is £6 per person. More information coming soon.



Help funding towards our Parish Hall Development and have a splendid afternoon! Saturday 10th May we are planning a trip to Godinton House and Gardens, Ashford. Cost will be £22 per person which includes exclusive house tour, afternoon cream tea and walk around gardens. People will also be asked to drive their own car and possibly car share. Put this in your diaries – more information shall come soon.


Flame is a lively, fun, faith-based youth group for 11-14 year olds which meets in the presbytery every Saturday evening from 6pm until 8:15pm. The group get together to pray, socialise and deepen their faith through discussion and activity, both within the group sessions and the parish. Some members are working towards the Faith in Action Awards. For further details, please speak to one of the clergy or phone or email the parish office.




st luke chapel


We are so pleased that we have been able to celebrate Mass back in St. Luke’s Chapel at Preston Hall since Sunday 18th February.  Since last April when the chapel was unusable due to fire damage we have been gathering in a community room in the hospice itself and the Mass times had to be changed from two to one at 9.00am.  We are aware that this has taken longer than first hoped so we offer a lot of thanks for the patience and understanding that has been shown by the people who have faithfully attended every week.  We offer gratitude too for all who have been looking after certain church equipment at their homes and getting things ready every week.  We hope  that inconvenience will soon come to an end when we purchase a new cupboard, wardrobe and other furniture for the sacristy.  We also are looking at the possibility of getting new seating for the chapel as the current seats are usable yet have reached a condition of needing replacing.  Yet although everything isn’t yet complete the chapel is looking very fresh with new carpeting and redecorated walls.   Everybody arrived and left Mass on Sunday with happiness on their faces with a look that they had returned home after an exile. 

We have decided to leave the time of Mass at 9.00am for the time being.  It may be that we will look at this again if we feel it is for the best.



We thank you for your continual support and prayers in this matter. The current figures for the Roof Fund are as follows:

Raised to date: £121,901.47
Total cost of roof: £136,000.00
Debt to be paid: £14,098.53


RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adultsrcia

RCIA has now started, and meetings are held each Tuesday, from 7.30pm until 9.00pm in the Presbytery.
If you, or anyone you know, would like to learn more about the Catholic Church, please come along. For further information, contact the Parish office or Sheila Connolly on 01622 729211.



FLEDGLINGS CHILDREN GROUP will meet again on Saturday, 18th February 2018

PHOENIX YOUTH CLUB will continue to meet with the Baptist Church Youth Club in Knightrider Street, Maidstone, from Friday, 12th January 2018, 8pm - 9.30pm.

Friendship Group


First Monday (11am) of every month:
Tenpin Bowling at Lockmeadow

Second Monday (11.00am) every month:
Coffee morning in Society Rooms

Every Monday (1.30pm - 3.30pm):
Scrabble in Leah’s Bistro, High Street (NEW VENUE)

Every Wednesday (10am - 12noon),
Line Dancing in URC Dunning Hall (Fremlin Walk)

Having coffee on your own? Why not join us on Wednesdays (10 am – 12 noon)
URC Hall, Week St for coffee and a chat. It’s good to talk!

FFI Mary Adam Tel: 677448

Safeguarding Issues

Parents and guardians please do not allow your children to light votive candles unsupervised.

Children should not be allowed to go unaccompanied to the porch, toilets or the Children’s Chapel. Many thanks.


in hospital, residential care, nursing home or at home

If you , or a member of your family are housebound, even temporarily, or are going into hospital please let the parish office or one of the parish clergy know so that we can arrange visits with Holy Communion. We encourage anyone who is preparing to undergo surgery or treatment to ask one of the priests for the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.



Maybe you’ve recently made your First Holy Communion or just arrived in the parish or even used to be a server when you were younger. Come and join our team of servers and play a more active role in the liturgy. Any age or gender will be very welcome, as long as you’ve made your First Holy Communion. For more information just ask one of the clergy or servers or email:



This is the monthly Diocesan newspaper, which is available to download here.


The Catenians - Strengthening family life through friendship and Faith

The Catenian Association

The Catenian Association is a brotherhood of over 10,000 practising Catholic men. The Catholic faith and the family are bedrocks of the Association which gives an opportunity to:

Meet Catholic men with similar values.
Become part of a community offering lifelong support and friendship.
Be part of a group that helps each other and their families in all aspects of life.
Provide families with opportunities for friendship and social activity.

A core aim is to advance the interests of young Catholics and assist them in their choice or pursuit of their career.

The Catenian Bursary Fund helps young Catholics between 16 and 25 to take part in a community-based project at home or abroad, which has a clear benefit for others as well as widening the life experience of the participant.

Click here to see more details about the Catenian Association in Maidstone

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