23rd august - 21st Sunday in ordinary time year b

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Sunday 23rd August
Twenty– First Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

St Francis
6.00pm (SAT) Rachel Martin & Teresa Bosman RIP
9.00am Alfons Swierczynski RIP
9.15pm Mass HMP Maidstone: Holy Souls
10.30am Ewa & Krzysztof Falbierscy Wedding Anniversary
3.00pm Baptism of Xavier Christopher Brian Bean
6.00pm Stanislaw Siodlarz
St Luke’s Chapel, Preston Hall
8.30am Sister Collette
11.30am Donor’s Intentions
Nettlestead 10.00am: Donor’s Intention RIP
11.00am: Ordinariate Mass: Donor’s Intentions

Monday 24th August Feast of St Bartholomew
10.00am Fr Bartlomiej Dudek—Name Day
12.30pm Dara & Yasile Jibed-Wedding Day

Tuesday 25th August
10.00am Bridget Buckley RIP
12.30pm Funeral Mass of Kathleen Lenzie
followed by interment at Sutton Road Cemetery

Wednesday 26th August Bd Dominic of the Mother of God
10.00am Jim Casey RIP
12.30pm All Polish Clergy & Relgious-their intentions
7.30pm Exposition, Lectio & Benediction

Thursday 27th August St Monica
9.30am Funeral of Percy James Gooch: Vinter’s Park Crematorium
10.00am Mary Reynolds RIP
12.30pm Sean Harkin RIP
4.30pm Mass HMP Maidstone: Donor’s Intentions
N.B. No Mass at Wateringbury today

Friday 28th August St Augustine of Hippo
10.00am Nick Lawton RIP
12.30pm Funeral Mass of Lindsey Shepherd
followed by interment at Falconwood Cemetery, Eltham
2.45pm Funeral of Donald Bingham: Vinter’s Park Crematorium 8.00pm Tony Hayward RIP

Saturday 29th August The passion of St John the Baptist
9.30am Morning Prayer of the Church (Lauds)
10.00am Sean Harkin RIP
3.00pm Baptism of Alexander Rowan Ebdon

Sunday 30th August
Twenty– Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

St Francis
6.00pm (SAT) Betty Campbell-Wellbeing
9.00am In reparation for abortions in Brewer St
9.15pm Mass HMP Maidstone: Holy Souls
10.30am God’s blessing on Amy & Terry & family
5.00pm Evening Prayer & Benediction
6.00pm Derek Pollon RIP & comfort of family
St Luke’s Chapel, Preston Hall
8.30am Holy Souls
11.30am Donor’s Intentions
Nettlestead 10.00am: Donor’s Intention RIP
Wateringbury:11.00am: Ordinariate Mass


For the sick and housebound of our parish: Rachel Allen, Angela Angiolini, Cody Barker, Eric Braconnier, Pauline Brown, Lek & Eleanor, Robert Bedford, Kathleen Buckman, Pat Cassidy, Judy Collins, Luke Collins, Lars Fare, Kath Harvey, Kathleen Homewood, Teresa Jankowska, Bridget Kierney; Mel Lacey, John McElroy, Haley Martin, Dorothy Marne, Mark Pearson, Mark Quijano, Keith Ryan; Alex Satre, Pauline Sexton, Margarette Ruaux, Coleen Sargeant, Rebecca Sharp, Mary Wallace, Clare Watts, Patrick McKee, Baby Joseph and for all in our local hospice, hospitals and nursing homes.
For the recently dead and those who mourn them: Mary Parker; Dorothy Wooi; Kathleen Lenzie; Lindsey Shepherd; Percy Gooch; Donald Bingham and Jean Carley
For those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Lucy McFarland, Jean Neale, John Brooks, James Lyons, Alfred Gilliard, James Mackell, Anna Harber, Filomena Stevens, Denis Hollands, Jack Lake, Edward Heeley, Ada Sampson, William Hepple, Monika Pinfold, Walter Jones, Maureen Chambers, Yolande Roberts, Margaret Stroud, Michael Lally, Mary Bryer, Patricia Nicholas and Kathleen Holmes



Currently we have raised £32,583.21 (NB the £30,000 legacy of Teresa De Franca has been allocated to this fund). Thank you for all recent donations to the fund; all your contributions really make a difference.

The building consultant visited recently and has almost completed the detailed building spec; we hope that the work will take place in the autumn, if we can secure the necessary funds. We have been advised to expect a bill of £125,000.00 +VAT for this work; which including the consultant’s 10% fee brings us to c£150,000.00! The consultant will oversee the whole process: spec, tenders and oversight of the work itself. Due to the urgency of the work the Diocesan Finance Office has given us permission to seek interest free loans from other diocesan parishes; some replies have been received and various parishes are raising the matter with their finance committees. So things are looking hopeful. Our fundraising remains imperative for this project, amongst others; we are seeking loans as we can’t put the job off any longer otherwise the work needed will just snowball. The cake sale last Sunday at the 10.30am Mass raised £82 Thank you for the recent donations and tile sponsorship. We are making amazing progress.





These words on the doors of the Church porch express perfectly the purpose of our parish. We are a community centred round the Lord Jesus.

Saint Francis' Parish in the heart of Maidstone was founded in 1859 and since then has been the heart of the Catholic community in the Maidstone area. From it was founded the parishes of Saint Thomas More, West Malling; Holy Family, Park Wood; and Saint Peter's Bearsted. In addition to the mother church there are Mass Centres at St Luke's, Preston Hall, and at St Mary's Anglican Church at Nettlestead.

Today the faith which inspired its foundation almost 150 years ago continues to find its expression in a lively community bringing together people of many races all united by their love of God. It is this love which calls us all to work together to build up our community and to care for all in need.

I would like to welcome all who visit our website and hope you share something of our vision for the future of the church and parish.
Canon Luke - Parish Priest


If you have any suggestions for improvements to or items to be included on this site, or your Parish Group would like to have their own page, then please contact Mark the Webmaster via email below.


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